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PE20m + PA12m


PE20 - Supervised Diver 20m

The PE20 or supervised diver 20m (equivalent to diving Level 1) provides the technical and theoretical foundation for scuba-diving. You’ll learn to put on your equipment and use it when diving. You’ll be able to dive to a depth of 20 metres with a professional. You can complete this course with the Open Water Diver programme.

Autonomous Diver 12m (PA12m or PA1)

Complete your PE20 (equivalent to diving Level 1) to be able to dive alone (without supervision) to a depth of 12 metres.

Stage de plongée en Corse

PE40 + PA20 (equivalent to diving Level 2)

This course requires a minimum amount of experience as it’s the first step to becoming an autonomous diver. You’ll learn to dive to a depth of 20m without supervision and to do this, you’ll cover various topics such as navigation, use of dive computers and protection of the marine environment. During this course, you’ll also be shown how to dive using nitrox, which will enhance your safety when diving alone.

Supervised Diver 40m (PE40m)

This course will allow you to gain further experience and you’ll learn to safely dive to a depth of 40m under supervision.

Formations française de plongée 1

Supervised Diver 40m (PE40m)

This course will allow you to gain further experience and you’ll learn to safely dive to a depth of 40m under supervision.

Formations française de plongée 2

PE40 + PA20 (equivalent to diving Level 2)

You may begin with either one of these courses, without there being any required period of time between the two (e.g. 1styear PE40, 2ndyear PA20). Once you’ve completed both, you’ll be able to dive to a depth of 40m under supervision and to a depth of 20m alone, and will gain experience equivalent to that required of a Level 2 diver. We’ll also be delighted to provide you with information on a certification agency.

Formations française de plongée 3

RIFAP + PA40m + PE60m PA60m

PA40m + PE60m + PA60m _ l’autonomie complète (équivalent au Niveau 3 de plongeur)


This course is very complete as it is the highest technical level for recreational scuba-diving, except for instructor certifications. After completing this course, you’ll be able to dive to a depth of 60m alone. This depth is the maximum for scuba-divers breathing air. In order to certify these skills, we’ll put them to the test with the aim of perfecting them, which is why we ask for significant prior experience in scuba-diving, particularly alone. At the end of course, an E4 supervisor (MF2 or BEES2) will check you have the skills required by the PE60 (supervised diver 60m), by taking you down to the safe limit for scuba-divers breathing air. If you haven’t already done do, you’ll have to show you possess RIFAP (rescue diver) skills before being awarded your PA40 and PA60.

You can choose to do your training in a gradual manner by completing the various modules:

  • Autonomous Diver 40m
  • Supervised Diver 60m
  • Autonomous Diver 60m

To enhance your safety whilst diving, our instructors will provide you with information on advanced nitrox courses (decompression using oxygen-enriched mixtures to better eliminate nitrogen during stops), as well as trimix courses (the use of helium when scuba-diving at more than 40m to reduce the effect of narcosis).

RIFAP (reactions and response to a diving accident) is rescue training for divers. It begins with the use of resuscitation techniques identical to PSC1 (First Aid Level 1) and includes specific content on oxygen therapy for responding to diving accidents.PA40 (autonomous diver 40m) is not required to complete diver rescue training.

Formations française de plongée 3

Dive Leader and Instructor

The EPIC scuba-diving school offers you courses to train you up to the levels required for dive leaders and instructors by various certification agencies:

Designed for those looking to become a scuba-diving expert, teach others and spread their passion.
For information about the dates and prices of our courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nitrox courses and advanced nitrox courses

For greater convenience and safety when scuba-diving, complete a nitrox or advanced nitrox certification programme. This will allow you to enjoy longer and safer dives by reducing the nitrogen content in the air you breathe, meaning less decompression stops than when using normal air.

Normoxic and hypoxic trimix courses SCUBA-DIVING USING TRIMIX

Trimix is a mixture of three gases: oxygen (O2), helium (He) and nitrogen (N2). It is used instead of air for deep diving (typically to a depth of more than 40m).

Get your normoxic or hypoxic trimix certificationat the EPIC diving school whilst enjoying the idyllic island of Corsica and spectacular dives off Calvi.


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